New Holland has updated its T7 long-wheelbase tractors to comply with the Tractor Mother Regulations
(profi 1/2018, p54). The changes focus on delivering a better ride and improving operator comfort.

There’s no new name, no new number, no fanfare heralding a completely new product. But don’t be fooled. The recently refreshed New Holland T7 may look very much the same as what came before, yet there are some significant upgrades for those who care to dig a little deeper … and none more so than the fitting of a revised front axle. Indeed it could be argued that the change in front beam, along with all of the other suspension system tweaks, is the most notable development to the T7 since we tested the tractor back in 2013.

What’s New Holland done? In effect, it has set about refining how the axle, suspension and damping systems interact to better control the tractor’s reaction to changes in load and speed, the end result being a more stable ride, particularly at speed and when pulling heavy kit. Up front there’s a new control valve and dual accumulators as well as an accelerometer unit in the tractor’s nose. This, plus the capability to weigh what’s on the T7’s rear end, makes the auto suspension system, complete with its soft, regular and hard settings, more capable of performing its task. To give a 4×4 analogy, the benefit equates to what happened when the Land Rover Discovery gained Active Cornering Enhancement. In a similar way to ACE, the New Holland system limits suspension travel at higher speeds … a stiffening of the suspension to prevent an

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