Cultivating Solutions Titan T600 cultivator with auto depth control

Automatic depth control for cultivation kit looks set to drive the next phase of precision farming practices, and the British-built Titan T600 from Cultivating Solutions is the first of its kind to offer this innovative technology.

by Geoff Ashcroft

23 Sep 2020

The arrival of Cultivating Solutions’ Titan T600 cultivator equipped with Soyl’s automatic depth control system suggests precision farming technology is no longer the preserve of seed drills, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and combines.

The concept is a simple one – match tine depth to soil type, accurately treating those areas that need it the most, just like you would do with variable rate applications during top-work. And with the help of a soil compaction treatment plan from Soyl (see panel) loaded into the implement’s controller, the Yorkshire maker’s ‘smart cultivator’ can follow the plan to automatically manage its working depth. And as a result, cultivation equipment looks set to become a whole lot sexier.