Kverneland 2500 B I-Plough: The 2.0 plough

Kverneland’s latest reversible plough literally and figuratively breaks new ground, thanks to its ISObus control. Does this extra complication bring genuine advantages in the field?

14 Jan 2020

Last autumn we spent time turning over a range of soil types with a preproduction I-Plough in five-furrow form. That’s one option; the base unit can have four, five or six furrows and be pulled by tractors up to 280hp. The tractor itself need not be ISObus-equipped, as the company’s own IsoMatch Tellus Pro or Tellus Go displays are on hand for control. Breakback control can be by shear bolt — which explains the ‘B’ in the model name — or by leaf spring, the latter allowing auto-reset. The test plough arrived with number 28 boards, knock-on points, maize skimmers and disc coulters for the last body pair.