Plowman Brothers Omni-Till

Plowman Brothers is not a new name in agriculture, indeed they have been producing livestock trailers since 1993, but recently have introducing a growing range of cultivators. The Omni-Till is their latest creation, a disc and tine cultivator.

by Mervyn Bailey

23 Sep 2020

You would think the tine and disc cultivator market was well catered for at this stage, but Plowman Brothers reckons there is a place for its Omni-Till. The Yorkshire based firm says that the combination of a leading disc and low disturbance tine should minimise the chances of larger clods being brought to the surface which could contain dormant weed seeds, which should be enough to grab the attention of the UK’s arable farmers.

For now the Omni-Till is available with a maximum working width of 4.0m but bigger models are in the pipeline. The demo machine we caught up with was attached using a three-point linkage mounted headstock with a ball and spoon coupling between it and the drawbar. This allows for tight turns, even with a tracked tractor.