Semi-mounted cultivators compared (Part 2)

It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it — so for the second half of this six-cultivator test we look at using the machines in the field. For Part I, see profi 10 (Oct) 2017

20 May 2018

Being only human, tractor drivers will do things that are easy but tend to leave stuff that isn’t. So it is with implement adjustment. If a change can be made from a spool valve it’ll very probably happen; ditto if the adjuster is simple to reach and use, even if it does involve getting out of the cab. It follows that ease of use is a big factor when it comes to extracting the most from a machine, and the six cultivators com- pared here have plenty of adjustments to play with. They are the:
*Amazone Cenius 5003-2 TX Super
*Horsch Terrano 5 FM 
*Köckerling Vector 460 
*Kverneland CTC 527
*Lemken Karat 9/500 KUA
*Väderstad Opus 500
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