Tilso Rake & Roll

Tillso’s Rake & Roll stubble harrow has generated a lot of interest with UK growers and has recently undergone a few changes. Nick Fone takes a look at a 2013 model and gets the low-down on the firms other underground developments

by Nick Fone

23 Sep 2020

Stubble rakes are increasingly being viewed as an essential tool in the battle against blackgrass and slugs. While most machines on the market solely use rows of round spring tines to lightly harrow crop residues, Tillso’s Rake & Roll adds consolidation to the operation.

While the firm claims the obvious advantage of improved weed chits through better seed to soil contact and the option to use the implement as a secondary cultivator on previously worked ground, there is an obvious cost implication of adding a roller into the mix. It also uses  some pretty complex frame geometry and clever plumbing to make the addition of rubber press wheels work.