Carrot juice in South Africa: Kingdom of Carrots

Growing carrots is a serious business in South Africa at Greenway Farms, as the climate and soils lend themselves to a perfect rotation system allowing year-round harvesting if managed properly. With a total of 2,500ha at their disposal, the owners grow predominantly carrots alongside other root crops for customers. As you can imagine in this fast moving environment, big machinery is required to get the harvest in on time and ensure a rapid turnaround to guarantee the carrots are on supermarket shelves as fresh as possible. Greenway Farms is run by Vito Rugani and his business partner Vincent Sequeira and is the largest carrot producer in South Africa operating three separate farms in the business

South Africa’s largest carrot farm has embarked on a new journey ... to add value to its crop by coming up with a range of juices and exporting them all around the world. Greenway Farms has its main farm and processing plant based at Tarlton in Gauteng Province and sells carrots under its Rugani brand. Although these carrots are the main value crop on this farm, the new juice is proving excellent added value for the operation's second-grade produce