DRIVING IMPRESSION: Developed from the well-established Terra Dos T4-40, the Holmer Terra Dos 5 has shed some weight and has a host of tweaks to help reduce operating costs. There are two core models in this latest 5 series, the 45m³ bunker triple-axle Terra Dos 5-40 , which we look at here following a try last autumn, and a dual-axle Terra Dos 5-30. Both drop the familiar ‘T’ from the series name. These latest 5 models now available to order in the UK and Ireland.

Holmer set out three core development aims for its Terra Dos 5: Improved operator comfort, reduced operating costs and a boost in lift performance in heavily weed infested crops. Although the basic design concept of the Terra Dos 5 models is carried over from T4-40 series, with both harvester series sharing essentially the same running gear and hydrostatic drive, the new ‘5’ models feature a host of changes.

Key developments
The arrangement of cleaning system drive pumps is revised, with the hydraulics now delivering slightly higher hydraulic output with fewer hose couplings and improved overall efficiency. The integral flail topper of the lifter offers increased suction with the aim of boosting performance in heavily weed infested crops and coping with high volumes of dry beet leaves.

Holmer has retained its Dyna-Cut scalper system but has altered the forced-drive intake roller ahead of the oscillating shares, with other changes to enable the coulters and feeder vanes to be adjusted. The gauge wheels next to the oscillating shares are enlarged to 850mm, with the claim this will help working in both particularly wet and excessively dry conditions. These wheels have three instead of four spokes. Turnbuckle adjusters are now fitted to set the height and angle the seven long and four short cleaning rollers, allowing settings to be tweaked to suit prevailing conditions. Lift wheels are offered as an alternative to the oscillating shares.

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