Pöttinger is adding its name to the growing list of machinery manufacturers that not only offer rakes for rowing up grass but a merger, too. The first of these is the Mergento VT9220.

While rotary rakes continue to dominate the grass rowing-up sector due to their simplicity, cost and availability of different working widths, there are now more mergers coming to market with the promise of reduced soil/crop contamination and more diverse swath sizes. Pöttinger’s first foray into this segment is the Mergento VT9220.

Hydraulic drive
The Mergento is towed from the lower links with a Cat IIIN spacing. To ensure there is enough oil flow, a Walterscheid pto shaft drives three pumps: one for the pick-up and for each of the merging belts. And because an oil cooler is not ideal in dusty conditions, Pöttinger has used the frame of the drawbar for the reservoir, its surface area keeping the oil cool enough.

The final part of the hitching up process are the two double-acting spools, which are needed for the selectable headland/fold function. On the front of the frame are taps for the hydraulic suspension. The oil flow for propelling the belts can then be used to pre-tension the accumulator.

The drawbar beam curves over the groupers to the rear where it meets the arms supporting each belt unit as well as the running gear at the back

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