DRIVING IMPRESSION: Pöttinger Servo T6000 Plus semi-mounted plough: Served on top. Pöttinger has been busy expanding its plough portfolio, and the latest addition is the Servo T6000 as an on-land version. We were able to get an early look at the nine-furrow.

Having replaced the Servo 6.50 with the T6000 18 months ago, Pöttinger has strengthened its semi-mounted ploughing position by adding its first on-land model.

The difference between the on-land version and the in-furrow plough is the 50cm longer drawbar. It makes for pretty tight turns, and it’s attached to either Cat III, Cat III/IV or Cat IV couplers. There are also four double-acting spools to plug in and a free-flow return. The hoses are routed through a beefy holder.

Next to the turnover mechanism is the on-land swing arm. This can be fixed in one of three positions with a pin: for road transport or ploughing in the furrow; for ploughing with tractors up to 3.50m wide; and lastly a position for tractors up to 4.0m wide. The swing arm is operated hydraulically after the turnover function is switched to the swing arm on the three-way valve.

A pushing plough

Pöttinger has done away with the bearing for the turnover mechanism; instead the pivot point now lives on top. The traction control system has also had a rejig to ensure more of the force is applied to the ploughing tractor’s back wheels. In this way, six of the furrows are pushed, three pulled.

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