The six single rotor rakes in this test provide a good cross section of the different designs on offer. Our test criterion was ease of operation and quality of work. All the machines did well, but differed in performance and features.

Twin rotor rakes may be the first choice when it comes to productivity, but those with less intensive silage and hay making systems and sloping fields still favour single rotor units. Moreover, manufacturers continue to develop their single rotor designs, with modern units offering smoother running, good ground contour following and easier maintenance.

With the one exception of the 3.90m wide Niemeyer, all have a working width of 4.20m. Niemeyer also does not have a depth control wheel to guide the rotor. One common feature, however, was that we specified a tandem-axle bogie (if it was not standard) on all makes. These help improve contour following over undulating terrain, an

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