DRIVING IMPRESSION: Samasz is now part of a growing group of manufacturers selling a grass merger. We took a look at the MRG2-900, which made its debut at a working demo in Germany last summer.

More and more manufacturers are introducing grass mergers, and one of the latest names to be added to the list is Samasz, which last year unveiled the MRG2-900, indeed it even had one on show at LAMMA earlier this year. Our German colleagues managed to catch up with a pre-production unit last season; it was being shown at a working demo. The 5.6t machine is a similar design to many of its competitors, consisting of a linkage mounted headstock, a pair of pick-ups and a substantial chassis. The minimum tractor size should be 88kW/120hp plus with one double-acting spool and the usual brake and electric connections. There’s a 7in display, as ISObus is not yet available. The gyro-style headstock permits tight, pretty much right angle turns with the pto engaged. 

Design of the merger

The inhouse developed pick-up is split into two 3.5m wide sections. Out front is a spring-loaded crop roller with a deflector plate right above, to prevent the forage being flicked forward by the tines towards the tractor. This combination did an effective job in the really light crops we encountered at the demo. 

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