DRIVING IMPRESSION: Samson TSB trailing shoe: In the shoe shop. Premium slurry equipment maker Samson has all sorts of applicators for its tankers, with the exception of a trailing shoe. That is, until now. We take a look at the new TSB applicator.

Samson has certainly bided its time before completing its slurry applicator offering with a trailing shoe. Initially there was no additional capacity at the Viborg factory, but this issue was resolved when Samson bought the Göma premises in 2021. Then there were patent matters that required some patience. This gave the Danish firm plenty of time to take a closer look at what the competition was offering and develop its own new boom.

TSB 1 and 2

The outcome is the Trailing Shoe Boom. The numbers in the model moniker refer to the number of macerators fitted. The TSB 1 range has working widths of 7.5m to 9.0m. These fold up vertically behind the tank, and the macerator/distributor is mounted centrally. The TSB 2 has two macerator units and folds alongside the tank. Boom widths are 18m to 24m. The latter can be reduced to 18m and 21m by removing the runners and blocking off the respective outlets on the distributor. The applicator’s modular design (central frame, two 18m booms plus extension kits for 21m and 24m), gives Samson better flexibility for manufacturing and stocking. However, when compared to its competitors, this means the 18m version at 3.0t is slightly heavier than the competition, while the 24m, which weighs in at 3.8t, is on a par.

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