DRIVING IMPRESSION: Börger has opted to pair up two of its RC150 separators to give a combined maximum output of 300m³/hr. Working with engineering firm Stade, the mobile unit is aimed at a growing contractor market.

Separating slurry is becoming a hot topic, especially with dairy farmers looking to export nutrients and make the most of available storage space.
Forage growers, too, have learned that the valuable liquor can be used more effectively on grassland, while the solid fraction is ideal for arable crops.

But separators are not something everyone wants to buy or be tasked with operating. This is where Borger and Stade identify the opportunity for the large capacity TwinSep mobile separator, which could be operatedby a contractor. Although it’s worth noting that, where the separated solids are going to be used for green bedding in cubicles, you should ideally invest in your own machine for hygiene reasons.

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