Bunning Lowlander muck spreaders: Scouting out a Lowlander

Back in 1991, GT Bunning and Sons launched the first of its Lowlander vertical auger muck spreaders. Some 30 years on, the Lowlander series has evolved to encompass four ‘ranges’; Farmstar, HD MK2, Widebody and the ‘small to medium’ size MK4 models. It is the latter we take a look at here

by James de Havilland

Lowlander vertical auger muck spreaders follow a design format that employs a moving floor that feeds material to the rear augers that shred and spread it. Simple. The ‘problem’ of course is that there is no such thing as ‘typical’ muck, those that use these machines on a contract basis typically spreading everything from hugely variable FYM, semi-solid slurries right through to industrial by-products to include sticky powdery materials such as gypsum. Each of these presents a different spreading challenge, but most expect one machine to spread the lot.