Cadman CMA umbilical system: Roll out, roll in

Irrigation equipment maker Cadman has turned its hand to umbilical slurry with the Continuous Manure Application rig, which allows slurry and digestate to be applied to row crops such as maize. We speak to the German farm operating the first unit in Europe

by Tobias Bensing

Umbilical systems have become the tool of choice for getting slurry on to wet ground. But, weighing in at 35t, the Cadman CMA is clearly off the list for a gentle tread. Moreover, its weight is not the only big stat for this €500,000 bit of kit, it measuring 14m long and 3.40m wide. Undeterred, one German farming business has been tempted to stump up the cash for the Canadian-built umbilical system. Why?