Joskin Modulo 2 11000 ME slurry tanker: The DIY tanker

Joskin’s Modulo 2 is a relatively simple design that, together with the Pendislide Basic trailing shoe applicator, allows farmers to spread slurry close to the ground at a moderate price. We've been busy testing the single-axle Modulo 2 11000 ME this season

by Tobias Bensing

When it comes to the UK and Irish slurry tanker market it's the 11,000-litre (or more commonly referred to as a 2,500 gallon) recessed tank that has become the default capacity for farmers doing their own slurry spreading. Although there is a trend to larger tandem-axle tankers, particularly where a lot of roadwork is involved, the single axle still offers the combination of capacity, flotation and lower cost.