Vogelsang ECL ExaCut distributor overhaul: Same job every year

Vogelsang’s ECL ExaCut distributor has been the default fit for many tanker and umbilical applicators. We run through the main areas to focus on when you're overhauling your unit

by Alexander Bertling

Nearly every dribble bar or trailing shoe applicator will be fitted with some form of macerator/distributor, which will need an annual spruceup if it's to perform reliably. The two items most prone to wear/damage are the cutting rings and the blades inside the distributor. Working at an internal pressure of 0.4 bar, the ECL distributor ensures that the slurry is distributed consistently to all of the outlets. It is also responsible for chopping any straw, silage or other organic matter that's in the slurry so it doesn’t block the various outlets.