DRIVING IMPRESSION: Amazone has been producing the Pantera self propelled since 2010. Now the current 4504 model is about to be joined by a new flagship, the 7004. And it’s more than just a bigger tank, as we found out.

It was about 13 years ago when Amazone introduced its first self-propelled sprayer, the Pantera 4001 (see our profi driving impression 5/2011). At the time it only had a tank capacity of just over 4,000l, although the Pantera 4502 model was soon added with a 4,500l tank. It’s taken a few years, but now Amazone has once again upped its volume with the Pantera 7004.

Overall, the 7004 pretty much follows the same format as the now 4504, with the same ‘wet system’ and boom options. One of the key changes is the chassis: the wheelbase has grown by 60cm to 3.70m and overall length by 90cm to now 9.78m … to accommodate the 6,600-litre rated, 7,000-litre actual tank.

That new chassis
But that’s not all: instead of max height wheels of 1.95m, the Pantera 7004 can be booted on 2.05m tall boots. These not only provide 1.30m of ground clearance but are weight (36m boom) and 20t permissible total weight. The higher weight has called for more powerful wheel motors, which are sourced from Linde.

Amazone has also completely redeveloped the wheel suspension. Instead of the familiar pendulum chassis with a central bearing, the larger Pantera benefits from two pendulum shafts in the middle, on which the front and rear wheels are individually/independently mounted.

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