Amazone UF 1801 mounted sprayer with FT 1001 front tank: Massive Mountie

Amazone now offers 30m booms for its UF mounted sprayers. Take the largest of these machines, the 1,800-litre UF 1801; then add a 1,000-litre front tank, and you end up with a tractor-mounted combination that boasts similar performance and weight to a mainstream ‘self-propelled’. What’s not to like?

18 May 2018

Spraying conundrum. You’re looking for a high output machine with a large spray tank and a wide boom. You’ve contemplated a self-propelled, but are fortunate to have spare tractor capacity so would prefer not to invest in yet another power unit. Fair enough. All fingers point towards a trailed unit, then. Bob’s yer ‘unc’. Not quite........[To read more, see the instructions on this page]