Horsch Leeb 12TD sprayer: Double tank on a double axle

A 12,000-litre sprayer is going to be pitched at a rather limited market. Not only do you need the area to justify such a machine, but also land that will carry the 24t sprayer ... plus a tractor capable of pulling it. Everything about the Horsch Leeb 12TD is 'mahusive'

by Hubert Wilmer

3 Sep 2021

With the 12TD, Horsch can now offer a tandem-axle sprayer, with its double tank having a total holding capacity of 12m. Now, while a really big trailed sprayer like this might be all fine and dandy on flat land, add a couple of hills, and things can literally spin to a halt as the liquid shifts to the back, taking the necessary weight away from the tractor's back wheels.