Horsch Leeb 4AX trailed sprayer: Is it really budget?

Introduced in 2018, the 4AX is the entry-level trailed sprayer from Horsch Leeb. We have been busy using this 3,800-litre sprayer to see if we missed the features of the higher spec machines

by Hubert Wilmer

16 Oct 2020

When Horsch Leeb started selling trailed sprayers, it was with the high-spec, stainless steel tank GS, this was later joined by the plastic tank LT but it was just not hitting the right note for the 24m boom segment, which is where the 4AX slots in. Today, Horsch sells around 100 trailed sprayers into the UK and Ireland with all of the 4AX machines landing in the UK coming with a 24m boom, while Irish growers are opting for 24, 28 and 30m booms. The 4AX comes in just one tank size – 3,800 litres but dons a good level of spec as we found out with our practical test.