Househam Spirit

Self-propelled sprayers are generally seen as the expensive option when buying new, which led Househam to developing the Spirit. A simple no frills, light weight machine but with the self-propelled plus points of increased clearance and increased manoeuvrability.

by Mervyn Bailey

23 Sep 2020

It would be wrong to say the Househam Spirit is old technology in new clothing, because there is a sensible sprinkling of modern features such as their Air Ride suspension and the option to have auto section control and steering. Even with these added extras the price tag comes in at under £100,000, a figure which is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

So what do you get for your hard earned cash? Well the Spirit comes with just one tank size of 3,000 litres, maximum boom size is 24m and tip toes along with an unladen weight of 5.8t. It has a 140hp, four-cylinder Cat engine and a Poclain hydrostat transmission and wheel motors. In fact, most of the Spirit’s key components are well known off the shelf parts including the Altek spray pump and Tee Jet controls.