Kellands Multidrive Forward Control

A forward control version of the classic Multidrive platform tractor is on its way. With the cab well forward of the front axle, there is now room for bigger spray tanks or even spreaders with their own loading cranes. Nick Fone got hold of the first machine to leave the factory gates for a sneak preview before it appears at LAMMA 2013.

by Nick Fone

23 Sep 2020

Although Multidrive tractors may be viewed more as specialist machines rather than mainstream farm workhorses, the brand has a small-but-strong following, especially amongst contractors. Mainly employed as dedicated spraying and spreading platforms, the company’s machines are favoured for their straightforward mechanical drivelines and simplicity.

There’s nothing wrong with having niche-appeal and Multidrive has successfully exploited its specialist roots over its 30 year history. The concept started life with Yorkshire firm Clayton and was first branded as the ‘Buggi’. After gaining a loyal following, it was then picked up by military spec all-terrain truck specialist Multidrive which realised that the market for agriculture and forestry presented opportunity. But after the company owner passed away it looked set to disappear until sprayer specialist Kellands salvaged the brand, design rights and factory in early 2006.