Sands Vision and Horizon self-propelled sprayers: Play it again, SAM

Here we're going to look at two generations of Sands Agricultural Machinery self-propelled sprayers: the SAM Vision models produced from 2009-2015; and the still current Horizon range introduced in 2014. The specifications outlined in the model tables give you a broadbrush idea of the machines that are available, but, as these sprayers are built to match the original customers' needs, it of course follows that very few will have departed the factory in Brunstead, Norfolk, with the same build. Consider this when looking at what is becoming available as a used buy. If the specification of an available used sprayer fails to match your specific needs, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to wait for a model that does. These sprayers are designed to accommodate various changes and upgrades. But one aspect you need to think through is boom width. These days, a 30m boom is pretty much the ‘entry level’, with very few Horizon models having sold with the once common 24m boom width. Whilst it is possible to cost effectively reduce the width of a 30m, 32m or 36m boom, it's less viable to extend a 24m boom to 30m or more. Incidentally, Horizon sprayers can be fitted with booms up to 40m.

17 Sep 2019

It's possible to buy a pre-owned, factory-prepared SAM Vision sprayer with a 3,000-litre tank and 24m booms from upwards of £50,000. With that entry-level sum you could well struggle to buy a new trailed sprayer from one of the many continental manufacturers. Tempting, but as you'd expect, going selfpropelled does need a bit of thinking through