PRACTICAL TEST: Talex Sprinter 1500 versus Vielitz FW160 SL: Double pack. Names like McHale and Tanco dominate the trailed wrapper market, and then there are others such as Kverneland and Kuhn touting their wares, too. However, if you really want to think outside the box, there are also the likes of Talex and the even less familiar Vielitz, the machines we test here.

Some readers may well recall seeing the Talex Sprinter 1500 in a previous practical test. And you’d be correct — it was in the 4/2022 issue. This time we decided to see how it compares with the
less familiar name of Vielitz, from Germany. Both of these trailed round bale wrappers are single, fixed dispenser machines, but differ in how they are operated, and therefore price. The Polish-made Sprinter has an electronic control box, while the FW160 SL sticks with traditional Bowden cables.


The hitch on both is height adjustable for different size tractors. The Vielitz needs one single-acting spool and a return. If you opted for the magnetic mounted lights (€76), then these will need plugging in. You then need to mount the cable-operated levers, preferably in a comfortable-to-use position. The Talex also needs a single-acting spool and return. The standard LED lights and control box will also need plugging in. There still isn’t a magnet on the back of the control box, which would make it easier to take on and off

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