WORKSHOP: Tebbe muck spreader modifications: Making a new machine newer.

We just invested in a new muck spreader from Tebbe. Before this machine was even used we decided to retrofit a number of custom details. These included an extendable side that we also installed on its predecessor and which allows us to fill the spreader with a front loader and ensures no muck is lost in transport.

In addition to this movable side wall, we added the following design details to the new machine:

● We bolted a VA sheet above the spreading vanes to protect the top lights from muck

● To protect the axles, we bolted two sheets to the frame that runs above the axles.

● Up front, we bolted another sheet plate that is wider than the original below the perforated area. This plate is as wide as the perforated section and deflects all material that drops through the holes.

Most of the above tweaks are about keeping awkward areas that are difficult to clean free of muck. These smooth plates get a quick sweep off before we hit the road so the muck doesn’t drop on the tarmac.

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