Now that we’re getting used to the fresh looks of the 8S, it’s time to see if the bling matches its bang. Our in-depth tractor test seeks to answer every performance question, so read on to discover what we make of the 8S.265 with the Dyna-7 semi-powershift box.

Nearly two years on from the launch of the radical-looking 8S, Massey Ferguson’s 152kW/205hp to 117kW/ 305hp range is still turning heads when you see one ‘in the wild’. Even if you’re not a fan of the standout styling, you have to tip your cap to the design team that dared to be so different. There’s now a choice of six 8S models in this increasingly important part of the horsepower market as well as a choice of two powershift transmissions: the Dyna-7 (which is what we have here in our test 265) and the doubleclutch E-Power. More recently these two have been joined by the stepless Dyna-VT, which also coincided with the launch of the 8S.285 and CVT-only 8S.305.

Nearly 250hp at the shaft

To open up the bonnet, an 8mm Allen key is needed to unlock the latch; this usually hangs on the key ring. Under the hood is a 7.4-litre, six-cylinder AGCO Power engine, which in our 8S.265 is rated at 184kW/250hp before rolling up its red sleeves and achieving a maximum 195kW/265hp. There is also a 15kW/20hp boost, which is supposed to kick in during pto and hydraulic work once shuffling along at more than 0.1km/hr … and even during pure draft work from 6km/hr upwards. Full boost on road work comes into effect over 18km/hr. More on that later, though.

As always, the DLG test centre did all of our measuring. Without boost, 157.5kW/211.2hpwas delivered to the rear stub at nominal speed, with a maximum of 170.7kW/228.9hp at 1,700rpm — exactly the figure Massey has in the brochure. Yes, that’s correct. Also, the spec sheet rather usefully includes pto power — well done MF. And if that wasn’t enough, with the power boost activated, the DLG dyno jumped up to 172.3kW/231.1hp at rated and 184.0kW/246.7hp at maximum at the shaft. Genuinely impressive stats

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