Welcome to the profi international market round-up for new six-cylinder tractors available in 2019.

Information key
Engine: Manufacturer, size, whether electronic or mechanical fuel injection (E or M)
Emissions: Technology used (SCR, DOC, EGR, DPF, etc), emission rules compliance
Rear Pto: Speeds fitted as standard; speeds available as options
Front Pto: Speed(s), whether fitted standard (std) or optional (opt) or not available (no)
Suspension: Front axle and cab whether standard (std), optional (opt) or not available (no)
Brakes: Air/ABS: Whether standard (std), optional (opt) or not available (no)
Max rear wheels: Standard fitment and biggest size available
Top speed: Whether 40km/hr, 50km/hr or other speeds are available
Power: Maximum output for draft work; maximum output for pto/transport etc
Shuttle: P/S — power shuttle; S/S — synchro shuttle
Transmission: Number of speeds forward and reverse; number of powershift speeds; transmissions with creep speeds identified
Hydraulics: G — gear pump; P — piston pump variable flow; pump output for linkage and auxiliary services; steering pump output if fitted; M — mechanical spool valves; E — electronic spool valves; M + E — both standard
Linkage: Front/rear lift capacities available