MARKET ROUND UP: One for the masses, with the UK average horsepower now over 166hp, we take a look at what tractors sit in this power bracket with a six-cylinder block. We have also included a brief opinion from users of several models.

Figures from the AEA show that registrations of tractors in the 161-200hp power band saw the greatest increase of all sectors in 2022. A scan
of the specifications and comment from purchasers suggests that these tractors are now the equivalent of the family runabout car,
used for a multitude of jobs.

New engine technology means that there’s a good choice of four-cylinder models of this horsepower now, but for jobs requiring a slightly longer wheelbase and a bit more weight, six-cylinder versions offer greater versatility. Several manufacturers have added this configuration in recent years, or extended the choice of models. Others now offer a wider choice of transmission, including a CVT.

Most of the recent updates came in 2020-21 to tie in with the latest emissions regulations, adding Stage V-compliant engines, and along with this, cab and styling updates – many now look and feel like their higher horsepower stablemates. Where not specified, adding suspension, front linkages or more hydraulic capacity means that the tractor can be tailored to specific jobs.

We’ve taken models from the bottom end of the power bracket to see what’s on the market, and at what price.

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