REPORT: If you’re seeking plenty of tractor bang for your buck in the reasonably fresh 250hp+ market, you probably need to head off-piste … to the likes of a Same Diamond 270. Bernd Lösing tells us why this tractor titan arrived on his farm.

The Diamond 270 was the top-of-therange Same just a mere 15 years ago, and it packed a power-lugging punch. Today, second-hand buyers may also have cause to smile when they see the second hand price — that’s if they can find one. We tracked one of these rare Diamonds to Berd Lösing’s dairy farm in Vreden near the Dutch-German border. He spent about €30,000 to acquire his 2008 Same. The 275hp tractor had clocked 8,500 hours when the deal was done.

Solid engineering
This Same is identical to the Deutz-Fahr and Lamborghini models, all solidly engineered. Under the bonnet is a powerful six-cylinder Deutz 7.1-litre engine. Moreover, this same motor was also installed by Fendt in the 900 tractor series for over 10 years.

With its four-valve, common-rail injection, this engine could muster a start-off torque of 127% and a large constant power range. It’s paired with a six-gear, four-powershift box, making it simple to drive, the practical auto functions with adjustable shift parameters proving ideal for this farmer.

Bernd bought the Diamond 270 to carry out the farm’s heavier fieldwork, rolling the new silage clamps and spreading slurry. For the latter it is hitched to a Kaweco Double Twin Shift 16m³ tanker with a substantial K80 ball hitch. In the spring the impressive combination is operated with either a disc injector or a cultivator to incorporate the farm’s slurry in one pass. If nothing else, this tanking outfit takes plenty of lugging power.

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