Argo Tractors factory tour: Family feeling

We’ve been to Italy to find out more about Argo Tractors and see the results of a fiveyear €125 million investment in the firm's McCormick, Landini and Valpadana brands

1 May 2020

It is a dozen years since the last McCormick tractor left the Doncaster assembly line, and production was moved to a new home at the Landini facility in Fabbrico. Located in the province of Reggio Emilia, the first thing visitors cannot fail to notice is that the 132,000mÇ facility is quite literally in the middle of Fabbrico town. And the fact that this is in an earthquake-prone region is evident throughout the main 60,000m2 assembly building, which is kitted out with a number of preventative measures, including the silent blocks on top of the roof support columns.