Case IH Puma 220 Multicontroller: Simply frugal

A cab with a multi-function armrest that's more than 10 years old is almost guaranteed to come in for a bit of criticism. Then again you can see the direction Case IH is heading with the Magnum AFS and its reconfigured armrest, and it's likely the Puma will eventually follow suit; indeed there's a Magnum driving impression just a few pages away in this issue if you want to check out its armrest. However, we have to deal with the here and now, so it's the current Puma that's the focus for this test.

23 Sep 2019

Long in the tooth or tried and tested? The Puma Multicontroller is Case IH's offering for those seeking 150-220hp and a mechanical box. Our verdict on the Puma 220 MC is that it's both simple and frugal