Contracting on the Outer Hebrides: Highland farming

Starting up a business in agricultural contracting can be a huge challenge at the best of times with obstacles such as financing the venture and establishing a regular customer base. However, when that business is on an island in the Highlands of Scotland then those obstacles, you would think, should become greater in number. One young farmer who is on that journey begs to differ

by Chris McCullough

29 Jul 2020

It’s a big ask for any young farmer to come up with the finances to start up their own contracting business and source decent reliable machinery, never mind find enough customers to make the venture economically viable. Take a step into the Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides and these factors that would entice anyone to start up an agri contracting business are not so blatantly obvious. That is of course unless you are 28-year old Jonathon Mackay who is a native to the area and knows exactly what the needs of the local crofters are.