Deutz-Fahr 9340 TTV: A powerful start

Deutz-Fahr is adopting a two-stage approach to its participation in the high-hp club. The 350-440hp 11 series arrives next year, but for now it’s the 9 series flagship, the 9340 TTV, that is carrying the torch. We test this 247kW/336hp (ECE-R120) tractor in the lab and in the field.

17 May 2018

The style team at Deutz-Fahr appears to be on a roll ... but could function be following form? To find out, the first stop for our closer inspection of the 9340 TTV was at the DLG test centre. Hitched to the dyno, it kicked out 203.7kW/ 273.1hp at rated speed at the shaft — not bad at all for a tractor that, according to the brochure, is 232.0kW/311.1hp (ECE-R120). On top of this the.........[To read more, see the instructions on this page]