Electronic hitch control systems compared: Everyone can improve on something

Electronic linkage control (ELC) systems have been around for decades and are now pretty much the norm on tractors over 100hp. Way back in 2003 we compared the tractors of the day, so it must be worth seeing if, and how, this back-end technology has moved on

6 Apr 2020

Many moons ago, Harry Ferguson invented the draft control system, allowing a tractor to pull a plough through varying soil types, raising it when the going gets tough and the tractor is at risk of losing traction or stalling. By raising the implement slightly, the draft system shifts more weight on to the tractor wheels thereby improving traction. At the same time the tractor doesn’t have to pull as hard, as the plough is working shallower. And because the plough is now easier to pull, the control system lowers the linkage a little — closing the loop.