TRACTOR TEST: There’s no question that the 728 Gen 7 is a premium tractor — both in terms of its technology and price. Any boxes left to tick? Or is it all just peachy?

With the Vario 700 Gen 7 range, Fendt has once again appeared to take an engineering lead over its competitors, who had not only caught up on the CVT front, but in some cases surpassed what the German tractor maker had to offer with its smaller six-cylinder tractors. Does the five-model Gen 7 tractor range deserve the hype it has generated? Read on to find out.

AgcoPower with Dynamic Performance
Unlike the familiar Gen 6 700 series, the new line-up is powered by an AgcoPower Core 75 motor, a 7.5-litre Finnish-built unit instead of a Deutz engine. The powerhouse under the 728’s hood delivers a rated output of 208kW/283hp at 1,700rpm. The top model also has what Fendt likes to call Dynamic Performance (DP); think of it as power boost 2.0, which releases its power the moment any of the auxiliaries (radiator fan, air con compressor, etc.) kicks in, even on a stationary machine and regardless of the current pto or ground speed. This adds an extra 15kW/20hp boost on the 728.

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