USED MACHINERY: Arriving on UK farms from early 2018, the Fendt 900 Vario MT twin track models that replaced the Challenger MT700E series initially looked like a stylish upgrade with ‘just’ a change to a Vario transmission. Apart from sharing the same cab frame, however, the 900 Vario MT was new from the tracks up. Used examples are just starting to trickle onto the market so if one is on your buying radar, start looking now.

Launched at the tail end of 2017, Fendt 900 Vario MT tracked tractors are assembled in the same Jackson, Minnesota plant that built Challenger MT700 series. Although these now Fendt branded Vario MT models have a very firm Marktoberdorf stamp upon them, there is plenty of heavy US engineering built into these ‘green’ MT models. A 900 Vario MT is most definitely a Fendt but it retains a strong American accent.

AGCO took over Caterpillar Challenger production back in 2002, so blending European and US thinking into 900 Vario MT has clearly not been a rush job. AGCO also intended to make the Fendt MT closer to a wheeled tractor in terms of its overall versatility, and certainly more than was the case with the Challenger MT700 series. One aim was to meet the needs of those seeking to move to a tracked prime mover but stick with existing wheeled tractor attachments.

The 900 Vario MT series has proven to appeal to a wider user base than the MT700 but this is not to suggest this translated into stronger sales in the UK. For starters, the sticker price of a new Fendt 900 Vario MT was a healthy chunk more than what you would have had to pay for a near equivalent power Challenger MT700 model. Add some supply problems, and a reluctance for some established Challenger followers taking a ‘risk’ on an all-new MT design, and it should come as no surprise that initial Fendt MT sales took time to establish

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