Developed to provide flexible, glare-free illumination, the latest worklight offerings from Hella could make working at night and in poor visibility safer and less tiring. Here we take an exclusive look at what will soon be available, both as a retrofit and OEM option, in the not-too-distant future.

Agricultural equipment companies have long tried to outdo each other when it comes to supplying more and brighter worklights. Up to now, the lights on offer provide a clearly defined area of illumination, and so by default they can only light up the areas into which they are directed. This can mean some kit is fitted with so many lights it can be a job to know which ones light up the areas you really need to do the job. Too much light can be a distraction, especially if you are dazzling other operators working alongside you in the field.

Then there is the problem of light that gets reflected back into the cab from the driver’s own vehicle. This can include glare from roof lights shimmering off the tractor bonnet or from implement transport reflectors. Then there is the effect of light diffusion and scatter in mist, drizzle and heavy dust. At times, light reflections are a tiring distraction that can make it tough to clearly see what you’re doing.

Solutions in the pipeline

Hella has long recognised these issues with conventional worklights. As an established supplier to the automotive industry, the manufacturer has had years of experience with digital, partly camera-based lighting solutions such as self-dimming headlights — a fantastic bit of technology when you see it do its thing.
However, applications for the road differ significantly from working in the field, and this was outlined to profi during a visit to the company’s development centre.

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