TRACTOR TEST: The previous time we assessed the Fastrac we criticised certain elements of the tractor’s controls and operation. Since then, JCB has made a major leap forward with the new Fastrac generation, as we discovered when testing the 4220 Icon model.

Even though the chassis and axles are new, you’d be doing well to tell the 4220 Icon apart from its predecessor, which we tested back in the 7/2018 magazine. The 6.6-litre AgcoPower motor still does its job under the bonnet, although it now meets the stricter Stage V emissions regs. This was the predominant reason why we wanted to test the new model and see if it deserves a spot on your tractor buying list. So, off to the DLG test centre.

AgcoPower with Stage V
First port of call was the dyno to measure how much power was making it to the tail end. Here the pointer stopped at precisely 134.6kW/180.5hp with the engine spinning at rated speed — so not a fantastic start.

Better news is that the power curve still rises sharply as the engine speed falls: at 1,800rpm it reached a respectable 158.7kW/212.8hp, which is 24.1kW/32.3hp up on the rated figure. That’s great, especially since the JCB brochure specs usefully state the pto horsepower, which is 145kW/194hp. And as the extra power makes for a decent power curve, with a 48% increase in torque with a 33% drop in speed and a 124% start off torque, there’s plenty to smile about.

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