JCB Fastrac 8330: At home on-road and in the field?

JCB has been building an unequal-wheel Fastrac, complete with stepless transmission, for over 15 years, so you would expect it to be a wellhoned machine by now. We've spent a couple of months living with the firm’s top dog, the 250kW/335hp Fastrac 8330, to see how it stacks up in the increasingly competitive 300hp+ sector

by Hubert Wilmer and Mervyn Bailey

11 Jun 2021

When it comes to a popularity contest, the 4220 is the handsdown winner in the JCB Fastrac family. So why is it, then, that the more muscular 8290 and 8330 lose out in relative sales terms in the UK and Ireland? To answer that particular question, we've been testing out the biggest tractor model that JCB currently builds, the 8330.