John Deere 6250R: Up to 300 versatile horses

John Deere launched its 6230R and 6250R tractors at the tail end of 2016, production models arriving on farm, and in contractor yards, in 2017. Boasting a boosted maximum output of up to 300hp from its 6.8-litre twin turbo engine, the nominal 250hp 6250R is the key seller, with few 6230R models finding a home in the UK. Bad news if you want a used 6230R but great if a 6250R is on you wish list; there are good numbers of these models available, with Deere dealer prices for used models starting at around £100k

by James de Havilland

12 Dec 2021

Deere squeezed entry-level 7250R power out of the 6250R, in effect meaning the latter, with a few caveats, offered the draft lugging muscle of the then larger ‘Gen 1’ 7 series in a 6 series shaped package.