John Deere 6250R AutoPowr: Built to impress

Capable of pumping out just shy of 300hp and weighing in at under 10t, John Deere’s 6250R is clearly targeted at the contractor audience. We catch up with a two year old example to hear how it has performed

22 Apr 2020

2016 was a big year for John Deere in Europe. It saw the launch of what would possibly be the company’s most significant models of the decade – the 6230R and 6250R. With a larger frame chassis than standard 6Rs and the potential to boost up to 280hp and 300hp respectively, these two new variants had been specifically developed as multi-purpose machines for contractors. Weighing in at less that 9,500kg, power-to-weight ratios had reached the heady heights of 31kg per hp. In short, the green giant finally had a tractor to take on the likes of Fendt’s 828.