John Deere 6800 Lynx Engineering project: Three Ps hold up rebuild plus another adds delays

Pandemic, parts and paint. Three Ps that, when combined, have put the John Deere 6800 Lynx Engineering project back by a few weeks. A fourth P has also got in the way. The aim for a ‘perfect’ result. This means we are bit behind schedule but read on and you will see the continued effort going into a project to show what can be done to update a 30-year-old classic icon

by James de Havilland

27 May 2022

When starting any rebuild project, one element that is all too easy to overlook is the time it takes to disassemble and then assess exactly what will need doing to complete the job. After many hours of taking the tractor apart, the team at Lynx Engineering divided the project into six key elements: chassis, rear axle, gearbox, engine, front axle and cab.