John Deere 7530 versus John Deere 6230R: Nippy Deere packing a punch vs the comfor t model with CommandPro

The 7530 was Deere’s 'Fendt 820' — agile and packing a punch under the hood. In contrast, the 6230R is a bigger lump. Boasting a 20cm longer wheelbase and clad with taller tyres and a larger cab, the modern 6R powerhouse is a very different beast

by Tobias Bensing

13 Feb 2022

The 7530 struck a chord and became a firm favourite in many contractors' yards, especially if it was fettled to gain a few extra horses. Indeed, the 7530 model still commands strong secondhand values, ticking the box of being relatively compact, light in weight and with a useful amount of grunt.