John Deere 8-series tractors: Tracking deer

John Deere is able to cater for all tractor user camps with wheeled (R) and twin-track (RT) versions of the 8-series ... and now with the new four-track 8RX, too. But there is much more to talk about than just different ways of putting power to the ground, as we find out

by topliner

23 Apr 2020

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, we are absolutely not going to get wrapped up in discussing Deere’s new styling with its pleated bonnet, partly painted mirrors and boxy front mudguards, a look that was developed in conjunction with BMW Designworks in California. But as part of this new look the model badging has also changed. On the RX, for example, '8RX' is positioned near the front grille, while the rated engine power is separately indicated in smaller digits slightly farther back.