John Deere 8400R:Put the power down

Launched just over a year ago, John Deere’s 8400R sets new standards in tractor lugging power. The biggest Deere conventional wheeled tractor ripped a whopping 275kW/369hp off the DLG brake truck. And this wasn’t the only record it set…

20 May 2018

Back in the 12/2003 issue when we tested the John Deere 8520, the big green set a new drawbar power record, putting 203kW/272hp on the ground. Some 14 years later, another Deere flagship powers down the test track setting two profi records. First up the 8400R gives a 35% rise in drawbar power at a maximum engine speed that is only 25% higher compared with the 8520. This suggests.......[To read more, see the instructions on this page]