Long-term test: Valtra N154e Versu Almost nothing broken!

While Valtra sales have remained consistent in Ireland, the brand is now accounting for a larger slice of the UK market, almost doubling its stake from 3.4% in 2015 to an estimated 6.3% in 2020. We catch up with one of Valtra's N-series powershift models, to see how it's faring on farm

by Hubert Wilmer/Mervyn Bailey

5 Jan 2021

Introduced in 2017, the N-series adopted the new cab and SmartTouch controls first seen on the six-cylinder T-series. In 2018, our test candidate N154e pulled into the yard of its new owner’s livestock and arable farm, where it's the main workhorse. Task list includes a full range of fieldwork, tilling with a 3.0m wide Amazone Cenius tined cultivator, ploughing with a five-furrow Kverneland, sowing with a 3.0m wide Amazone power harrow drill combination and then returning to spread fertiliser and do the spraying.