Luxembourg contractor J-Reiff: Largest in Luxembourg

With around 50 Fendt tractors, 16 forage wagons, eight Claas combines, eight Jags and almost a hundred other machines, J-Reiff is believed to be the largest farm contractor in Luxembourg

by Steven Vale

1 May 2020

Never in their wildest dreams could the husband and wife team of Robert Reiff and Françoise Thinnes have imagined that the small dairy and beef farm they bought at Binsfeld in 1953 would develop into the largest contracting business in what is officially called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The contracting work started just five years later when the couple bought their first combine, a Fahr M3 model, in 1958. A conventional baler quickly followed, and in 1963 the fledgling contractor bought two more tractors, a 42hp Renault N71 and 27hp Lanz Hella.