Massey Ferguson 5713SL: Hidden talents

At first glance there seems to be no difference between the Massey Ferguson 5613 (profi 07/15) and the firm’s latest 5713SL — apart from the SL’s Stage IV engine. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll detect some subtle nuances, as we discovered when testing the 92kW/125hp top model with a Dyna-6 box.

17 May 2018

Just when you’re starting to get to grips with Massey Ferguson’s model numbering, they throw you a curve ball. Take the firm’s 100hp plus, stock-orientated tractor line, where you’ll find the 5700 Global and more refined 5700SL; both sound similar but are very different beasts. And then to really muddle things, the 5611, 5612 and 5613 are still kicking about. So, if someone could have a word with whoever is in charge of model numbering at Massey Ferguson ........ [To read more, see instructions on this page]